Music helps me describe what im feeling
I like a variety of music ranging from EDM-Classical
Here are some of my favorite playlist/music

I was never a huge fan of lil peep but my closest friend got me hooked.
Its hard to really describe how peep music makes me feel
Therapeutic in a way as my freind described it

♡ Every lil peep Song ♡

♡ About you ♡
♡ Hell Boy ♡
♡ U Said ♡

Mac Miller was such a great soul and it saddens me that he isnt here with us no more..
His music also brings out a mix of emotions, especially

♡ The Divine Feminine / Youtube ♡
♡ The Divine Feminine / Spotify ♡

♡ Stay ♡
♡ Soulmate ♡
♡ God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty ♡

♡ Faces / Youtube ♡
♡ Faces / Spotify ♡

♡ Friends ♡
♡ Funeral ♡
♡ Diablo ♡

Faces really brings out the addiction that mac went through and his emotions

its hard loving someone who doesnt remotely feel the same way
i created this playlist initially for someone who means a lot to me but it ended up being centered around my own emotions
this playlist helps me process a lot of my feelings and allows me to cry

♡ Absent ♡

♡ It's U - cavetown ♡
♡ Soulmate - Mac Miller ♡
♡ I cant make you love me - dave thomas junior ♡


♡ Slayyter Playlist ♡

♡ Mine ♡
♡ Candy ♡
♡ Ghost ♡